Omar: U.S. Needs Universal Income, Vote-by-Mail, Housing

Omar: U.S. Needs Universal Income, Vote-by-Mail, Housing

May 6, 2020

Not letting the coronavirus crisis go to waste, Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted a list of progressive agenda items she believes the United States needs to offer Americans universally, including vote-by-mail, a basic income, and housing for all. But she added that these simply serve “as a start.”

“Here’s what we need to make universal, as a start,” Omar tweeted on Monday, listing health care, school meals, vote-by-mail, housing, and basic income.

These kinds of socialist demands are nothing new to the radical leftist Omar and her “Squad” compatriots in Congress such as the economics-challenged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who declared back in September that as long as we refuse to “guarantee the right” to housing, health care care, and education, “we cannot call ourselves an advanced society… What we are experiencing right now in housing in the United States is barbarism.”

No, barbarism is life under sharia law, which the Muslim anti-Semite Omar fled from in her home country of Somalia but which she promotes for the United States.

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