Omar: Trump, GOP Mentioning Me Causes Rise in Death Threats

Omar: Trump, GOP Mentioning Me Causes Rise in Death Threats

October 31, 2022

Friday on MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Tonight, antisemitic Muslim Congresswoman and immigration fraud enthusiast Ilhan Omar (D-MN) claimed that when former President Trump or other Republicans mention her name, she receives a direct uptick in death threats.

During a discussion on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband Paul being attacked in his San Francisco home Friday morning, Omar said, “We should not live in fear just because we have decided to serve our country, our constituents, and want the ability to shape the way in which our country is governed. What the Republicans have put out in those statements that you read to me – I just want the audience to realize that it is dangerous. It is delusional, and it is disturbing. This level of deflection that the Republicans are doing really moves us away from actual, honest accountability in this conversation.”

Speaking of actual, honest accountability: it must be noted that Pelosi’s attacker was a leftwing radical who was, shall we say, extremely unlikely to have been driven to attack the Speaker’s husband by Republican rhetoric. The media and Democrat leaders like Omar and the President himself are trying to deflect from the sordid truth behind the incident by creating the ludicrous narrative that Trump inspired it.

“These people are the ones who voted against any sort of accountability for their members, who have incited violence against us,” she added. “Whether it is Marjorie Taylor Greene, again, who uses imagery in her campaigning with a rifle to our heads, whether it is Lauren Boebert, who says that we are terrorists and we are there to blow ourselves up, or whether it is countless numbers of Republicans, starting from the former president who constantly incite hate and violence, I will tell you. I can trace the uptick of the level of death threats that I get from their rallies or any sort of Fox News or any right-wing media hits that mention my name and says that I am un-American. There is a direct link to that uptick.”

She continued, “This past summer, my office saw a huge uptick in the level of death threats that we are getting. They have to be held accountable. They have to hold themselves accountable. And the American people need to recognize that what is happening to members of Congress… has a direct linkage to what Republicans are saying and doing to us every single day.”

Just a reminder — Pelosi’s attacker is a leftwing radical.

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