Omar: The Constitution Doesn’t Specify the Number of Justices

Omar: The Constitution Doesn’t Specify the Number of Justices

May 23, 2022

Friday on ABC News’ GMA3, antisemitic radical Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) called for the expansion of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Omar argued that there was “a question to the legitimacy” of the Supreme Court, given the majority of justices on the court now were appointed by a president who didn’t win the popular vote. That’s rich, considering there is “a question to the legitimacy” of her own congressional position since she committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother.

“If we think about the Supreme Court, the number of justices is not given to us in the Constitution…” she continued. “There’s not a specific number. The court has been expanded seven times in our nation’s history. And in this particular time, given the fact that we have overwhelming majority of the justices being appointed by presidents that did not reflect the will of the people, they didn’t win the popular vote, I think it’s really important for us to have justices that are a reflection of the American people and their opinions.”

Apparently Omar is confused. Supreme Court justices, like presidents, are not and should not be selected by “popular vote” in our republic, nor should the law be based on “the will” or “opinions” of the people. The law is not about, or should not be about, politics or popularity.

The fact of the matter is that Omar and her fellow leftists simply want a Supreme Court that will rubber-stamp their radical agenda.

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