Omar: Republican Base Is Now ‘Cowards,’ ‘Grifters,’ ‘Loony’

Omar: Republican Base Is Now ‘Cowards,’ ‘Grifters,’ ‘Loony’

February 5, 2021

Friday on MSNBC’s All In, Rep. Ilhan Omar, who is facing GOP calls to remove her from foreign policy committees over her history of anti-Semitic remarks, smeared the Republican base as “conspiracy theorists,” “cowards,” “opportunists,” and “grifters.”

“Sadly, this is the Republican playbook,” Omar lied. “We saw it with Donald Trump. Any time they are faced with consequences for their actions to undermine our democracy, they blame Muslims, they blame immigrants, they blame black people, they blame women. I just happen to embody all of these identities.”

False. Omar is frequently at the center of controversy and Republican condemnation because she is a corrupt, socialist, sharia-promoting anti-Semite who lied about her immigration status, something the leftist media have completely ignored. Imagine if she were a Republican congresswoman who lied about her immigration status. The calls to remove her from office would echo across the airwaves and in mass demonstrations.

“The Republicans truly have lost their way,” Omar continued. “Their party is destroyed. Their base now is conspiracy theorists. It’s cowards, it’s opportunists, it’s grifters, and sadly they’re becoming the Looney Tunes. These are people we can’t take serious. They’re not here to do the people’s business. They are here to just be obstructionists and make a mockery of not just our government but our country.”

The fact that Omar can make such unhinged, divisive claims with zero pushback from the interviewer says everything about the media’s role today running interference for the left’s power-grabbing agenda.

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