Omar Promises Infrastructure Bill For ‘the American People’

Omar Promises Infrastructure Bill For ‘the American People’

September 30, 2021

Thursday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, antisemitic Muslim radical Rep. Ilhan Omar emphasized the importance of passing the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill, claiming that Democrats “made a promise to the American people to deliver” on it.

“The speaker yesterday said we needed legislative action on the reconciliation budget, which is the larger part of the president’s agenda,” Omar replied. “The president continues to ask for us to fully send him the agenda intact in the two pieces of legislation, and we remain steadfast on that strategy that was crafted and negotiated months ago.”

“Joe Manchin himself said the only path forward was to track a process where we would have, you know, the ability to craft these two pieces of legislation, pass them together, and send it to the president’s desk so we can celebrate having accomplished the president’s agenda,” she continued. “We remain committed to that… You have to remember we made a promise to the American people to deliver on these items and to create this real investment in their lives, and we must do that.”

The radical Democrats in power don’t give a rat’s ass about promises to the American people. They made a promise to themselves to seize power and fundamentally transform the United States into a big-government socialist dystopia.

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