Omar Joins Band ‘Marijuana Deathsquads’ Onstage to Celebrate MN Legalizing Pot

Omar Joins Band ‘Marijuana Deathsquads’ Onstage to Celebrate MN Legalizing Pot

August 3, 2023

Radical Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) joined the band Marijuana Deathsquads onstage Tuesday night to celebrate her state’s legalization of recreational cannabis.

“So much fun!” Omar captioned one of several clips she shared on Instagram of herself alongside the group in a crowded Minneapolis venue.

She also shared another user’s post that said, “Congresswoman [Omar] jamming with [Marijuana Deathsquads] is 10000 times better than Bill Clinton playing sax.”

A graphic promoting the event billed it as an “MN Legalization Fun Time Party” and promised “Ilhan Omar & The Music Rockers & so much more.”

Minnesota became the 23rd state to allow the sale of recreational cannabis to adults 21 and over on Tuesday. Omar is a supporter of legalizing cannabis and marijuana use on the federal level and expunging nonviolent marijuana-related convictions.

“Cannabis criminalization disproportionately impacts communities of color,” she said in 2019. “We must finally legalize cannabis nationwide and expunge records for those incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses.”

Democrat solutions to crime always make things easier for criminals: defunding the police, releasing felons from prison early, eliminating cash bail, and decriminalizing any behavior for which the punishment “disproportionately impacts communities of color.” To Democrats, the criminals are always the real victims — of a systemically racist society.

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