Oliver Stone: ‘Accurate to Say the U.S. Is Weaponizing’ Coronavirus

Oliver Stone: ‘Accurate to Say the U.S. Is Weaponizing’ Coronavirus

April 7, 2020

In an editorial for the New York Daily News, dictator-loving filmmaker and conspiracy theorist Oliver Stone claims that the U.S. is “weaponizing” the coronavirus against adversaries like Venezuela and Iran.

Along with peace activist Daniel Kovalik, Stone co-wrote the editorial arguing that the U.S. could be legally responsible for coronavirus deaths in Iran if Washington does not loosen sanctions. “It is accurate to say that the U.S. is weaponizing the virus against these countries,” they wrote. No, that is not accurate; it is propaganda playing into the hands of China, whose “generosity” Stone praises.

He adds that if Iran’s death toll reaches into the millions, “the U.S. government will bear a great deal of moral and legal responsibility, for it is knowingly contributing to the spread of the pandemic in Iran… The current pandemic is exposing not only our government’s utter failures to protect its own citizens, but also its profound lack of human decency in dealing with other nations.”

Stone’s editorial says nothing about holding China morally and legally responsible for its continued coverup of the coronavirus spread.

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