Olbermann to Biden: Ban Trump, Other ‘Traitors’ from Office

Olbermann to Biden: Ban Trump, Other ‘Traitors’ from Office

January 10, 2022

Thursday on Twitter, unhinged former ESPN host Keith Olbermann posted a video calling on President Joe Biden to “ban” Donald Trump, several elected Republicans, and Trump supporters from ever running for office because they are “insurrectionists.”

“Real leadership from @POTUS in his 1/6 anniversary speech at this hour would be to call on Congress to pass the bill invoking the Insurrection provisions of the 14th Amendment to ban Trump, [Arizona Rep. Paul] Gosar, [Alabama Rep. Mo] Brooks, [Florida congresswoman Lauren] Boebert, [Texas Sen. Ted] Cruz, and the other traitors from ever again holding public office,” the hateful agitator tweeted.

Olbermann went on to rant that the Biden administration has done “nothing” this year since the purported January 6 “insurrection”: “Subpoenas issued, ignored, mocked. Traitors, crooks, sadists, racists, gun fetish psychos, seditionous congressmen, plotter of coup d’etat, still strung out on stupidity, and impunity, and ready to do it all over again…. and they’re not even the real problem. WE are.”

“One year gone, and if the midterms only go as badly as midterms usually go, only one year left,” Olbermann added. He lamented the lack of a special prosecutor who he thinks should be making “life a living hell” for Republican figures such as “Bannon, and Miller, Goser and Boebert, Jordan and McCarthy, and Trump.”

He also blasted Biden and AG Merrick Garland for refusing to stop Republicans who are “trying to kill all of us.”

“Where is the president who knows that the bully understands only fear? Yours and his. And that the only way to stop the bully, to stop the Republicans, to stop the Trumps, to stop the next coup d’etat is to make them fear that they will lose everything they have,” Olbermann railed. “Because they have made it clear, America is going to be them, or us. And, God damnit, Joe, it is your job to make sure it is us. And if you don’t see it that way, resign!

“We need somebody in your chair who realizes that democracy could be dead a year from right now,” the lunatic performance artist Olbermann concluded. “We want that to be you. but if it isn’t, the rest of us don’t have any more time to wait, or to waste.”

No one takes Olbermann seriously as a commentator or as a human being, but his demagoguery adds to the bloodthirsty din of Democrat hate speech that keeps the country divided and demonizes their political opponents.

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