Olbermann: Texas Shouldn’t Get Coronavirus Vaccine

Olbermann: Texas Shouldn’t Get Coronavirus Vaccine

March 5, 2021

Tuesday on Twitter, unhinged political performance artist Keith Olbermann declared that Texans should not be allowed to have the coronavirus vaccine because of the state’s Republican-led policies.

The bombastic Olbermann, whose career long ago collapsed into irrelevance, took to social media to attack Texas after the state’s Republican Gov. Gregg Abbott announced he was lifting the state’s mask mandate and allowing businesses to reopen fully. “Why are we wasting vaccinations on Texas if Texas has decided to join the side of the virus?” he wrote in response.

The disgraced former ESPN host also libeled Abbott as a “mass murderer” in a separate tweet.

The pathetic Olbermann was once better-known for his spewing of hateful rhetoric against conservatives, calling Trump voters “maggots” who “must be prosecuted,” for example, and calling for Trump to be arrested and sentenced to death. Yawn.

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