Olbermann Reviving Anti-Trump Commentary on YouTube

Olbermann Reviving Anti-Trump Commentary on YouTube

October 7, 2020

According to Breitbart News, mean-spirited propagandist Keith Olbermann announced on Tuesday that he is leaving ESPN for the second time “to serve my country by focusing my energy on political commentary” by launching — also for the second time — another YouTube show ahead of the election.

“I’ll be doing a new live, daily commentary series with YouTube, focused on the presidential election, called ‘The Worst Person In The World,’” Olbermann tweeted, the title referencing his infamous regular segment on MSNBC demonizing some conservative in the news.

Olbermann has called Trump a “pig” and claimed ridiculously that the president is “worse” than Osama bin Laden. In November of 2017, Olbermann told his ESPN audience that the Trump presidency would surely come to a premature end soon, “and I am thus also confident that this is the correct moment to end this series of commentaries.”

Needless to say, Olbermann’s prediction was laughably off-target. Trump has gone on strong for 3 more years while Olbermann was reduced to delivering obscene, melodramatic online rants from the basement of far-left GQ magazine. He has no political insights or expertise.

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