Olbermann Rages at Dungy for Supporting Fatherhood Bill

Olbermann Rages at Dungy for Supporting Fatherhood Bill

April 13, 2022

Political performance artist and perennial loser Keith Olbermann slammed NFL Hall of Fame coach and sports broadcaster Tony Dungy on Monday for standing with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as the latter signed a pro-fatherhood bill into law.

DeSantis signed into law HB 7065, a $70 million initiative that will “provide resources for educational and mentorship programs to help children, fathers and families in the state through the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and the Department of Children and Families (DCF).”

“This is going to be tremendous and such a good help to fathers in Florida,” said Dungy, who attended the ceremony. “This bill is so important. I want to thank all of the men and women that have been behind this. It is going to allow groups like All Pro Dad and people like those here today to do great things for our fathers here in Florida.”

That triggered leftists like Olbermann, who hate Ron DeSantis, pro-family legislation, and blacks who stray from the Democrat plantation. The vile Olbermann denounced Dungy as a “cackling fraud” and “fascist political prop,” then declared that then-Coach Dungy’s 2014 comment that he would not hire openly-gay Michael Sam as a player because it would be a distraction for the team “disqualified him from being considered an example of loving fatherhood.”

The clownish Olbermann, who has been unable to keep a job because he’s too hateful and unhinged even for the left-dominated news media, used to have a segment on his show called “The Worst Person in the World.” His bile directed at Dungy is further demonstration that no one is more qualified for that title than Keith Olbermann.

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