Olbermann on Tulsa Shooting: There is No Right to ‘Own’ a Gun

Olbermann on Tulsa Shooting: There is No Right to ‘Own’ a Gun

June 2, 2022

Former ESPN commentator and perennial loser Keith Olbermann reacted to a June 1st mass shooting in Tulsa by asserting falsely that the Second Amendment does not grant citizens the right to “own” guns.

The suspect opened fire on Tulsa’s St. Francis Hospital campus late Wednesday afternoon, reportedly because he was frustrated with back pain. He had acquired his guns legally, by the way, one from a retail store and one from a pawn shop.

The predictably unhinged Olbermann tweeted, in response, “Shove your ‘responsible gun owners’ crap up your ass.” Gee, what a well-formulated argument.

“The 2nd Amendment does not include the word ‘own,’” he continued. “There is no right.”

Um, yes there is. The Second Amendment states that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The word “keep” in this context obviously means “own.” But the leftist Olbermann doesn’t want Americans to own guns. Nor does he make a distinction between murderers and the “responsible gun owners” he disdains in his tweet. That’s because for Olbermann, the issue is not about crime or criminal insanity but about the guns, which he and his totalitarian comrades want abolished so that only the government owns them.

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