Olbermann Loses Mind Over Player Opposing NFL Vax Policy

Olbermann Loses Mind Over Player Opposing NFL Vax Policy

July 30, 2021

Wednesday on Twitter, unhinged former EPSN host Keith Olbermann lost what little remains of his mind after Buffalo Bills player Cole Beasley released a statement defending his opposition to the National Football League’s draconian coronavirus vaccine policies.

In his statement, Beasley said he is neither anti- nor pro-vax but is instead “pro-choice.” He added that he thinks that the league is forcing vaccinations on players by giving them only one side of the story on vaccinations, and that health officials and doctors “don’t know enough” about either the virus or the vaccine.

All of this is true, or at the very least a thoughtful and defensible position in the face of absolute hysteria surrounding the ever-changing rules of combating COVID. But the explanation triggered Olbermann, who cannot keep a job and who has been reduced to spewing his angry insanity on the internet from a basement somewhere.

“The Bills actually put this video out on their own account, showing this moron @Bease11 explaining why his moronic selfishness is actually about the kids won’t somebody think of the kids,” Olbermann ranted. “No vax? No play. And if you’re pretending to be Mr Wisdom LEARN HOW TO PUT A MASK ON, IDIOT,” he added.

Olbermann ironically used to present a weekly award on his show to “The Worst Person in the World.” Apparently he’s desperate these days to remind everyone that he has earned the lifetime version of that award.

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