O’Donnell: Pelosi Is ‘Two Sneezes Away from the Presidency’

O’Donnell: Pelosi Is ‘Two Sneezes Away from the Presidency’

May 21, 2020

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The Last Word, host Lawrence O’Donnell said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “two sneezes away from the presidency” because President Trump and Vice President Pence “are not taking the necessary precautions” against the coronavirus.

Trump “does have a plan to protect himself from the coronavirus pandemic. He requires everyone who works for him to be tested every day,” O’Donnell claimed in his opening monologue. “He requires anyone who’s coming to see him to be tested before they’re allowed to be in a room with him.”

Introducing Pelosi, O’Donnell said, “there’s that old saying that the vice president is a heartbeat away from the presidency, but it seems tonight, you are two sneezes away from the presidency, with the fact that the president and vice president are not taking the necessary precautions.”

He asked Pelosi if she is “concerned about that situation with the president and the vice president, their lack of precautions.” She replied that she prays for their safety.

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