O’Donnell: GOP Forced Dems to ‘Abuse’ Reconciliation Process

O’Donnell: GOP Forced Dems to ‘Abuse’ Reconciliation Process

April 6, 2021

Monday on MSNBC’s The Last Word, propagandist anchor Lawrence O’Donnell conceded that Democrats were abusing the reconciliation process to pass President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package, but it’s the GOP’s fault.

The Senate parliamentarian ruled Monday that Democrats can use the reconciliation process for infrastructure, meaning it can pass with a simple-majority vote.

O’Donnell said, “There’s a quote from a Republican staffer in the Senate reacting to this today, saying, ‘This is an abuse of the process and clearly not what reconciliation was designed to do, but they’re going to go forward anyway.’ I have to tell you I agree with that completely. It is an abuse of the reconciliation process, as it was designed. But this comes after years of abuse in the Senate by Mitch McConnell forcing the Democrats into this position because there’s no other way to govern in the Senate now.”

Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan replied that Republicans “don’t have to abide by the rules. When the Republicans are in charge, deficits don’t matter when Republicans are in charge. Then the Democrats come in, and they want everybody to do it differently and not take the advantage.”

More Progressive projection. In fact, it is the Democrats who operate by a double standard and who refuse to abide by the rules when it suits them.

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