O’Donnell: ‘53% of GOP Fail a Basic Mental Competency Test’

O’Donnell: ‘53% of GOP Fail a Basic Mental Competency Test’

May 26, 2021

Tuesday on MSNBC’s The Last Word, smarmy host Lawrence O’Donnell claimed that 53% of Republicans failed “a basic mental competency test question” because they believe Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

Discussing new Texas election legislation, race-baiting presidential nominee loser Rep. Joaquin Castro said, “If you look at the leadership in Texas, Lawrence, it very much is out of sync with the population of Texas. Texas is an incredibly diverse state, and the Republican leadership in Texas is not. It’s very sad to say, but I think it’s true that it is a lot of Republican white males that are trying to hang on to power. They’re trying to do everything that they can in a diversifying state to do that.”

O’Donnell said, “Well, they definitely are in sync with the Trump vote. We have a new poll showing that 53% of Republicans — 53% — believe that Donald Trump is the true president. So, that means 53% of Republicans fail a basic mental competency test question: who is the president of the United States.”

Fact check: regardless of the false narrative perpetrated by the activist media like MSNBC, the Democrats took the 2020 election through widespread voter fraud, and everyone knows it — including the Democrats themselves. That is why they work so hard to demonize the right — specifically tens of millions of Trump supporters — as mentally incompetent “cultists.” Totalitarians always try to discredit their political opponents as mentally ill.

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