Ocasio-Cortez Confesses Her ‘Cisgendered Privilege’

Ocasio-Cortez Confesses Her ‘Cisgendered Privilege’

February 1, 2019

Speaking on The Intercept’s “Deconstructed” podcast Monday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said Americans are reluctant to admit to “privilege,” hers being that she is a “cisgendered” woman.

“If you’ve never experienced different treatment in your life, you wouldn’t know what different treatment feels like or looks like. And it’s really, really hard,” she stated. “I’m a cisgendered woman. I will never know the trauma of feeling like I’m not born in the right body. And that is a privilege that I have, no matter how poor my family was when I was born.

“But it’s really hard for some people to admit that they — you know, it’s part of this weird American Dream mythology that we have, that for a lot of — in a lot of circumstances isn’t as true or isn’t as clearly communicated as we’d like for it, or we wish it was.”

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