Ocasio-Cortez Call for Biden to Be ‘Bold’ on Green New Deal

Ocasio-Cortez Call for Biden to Be ‘Bold’ on Green New Deal

November 24, 2020

At a rally outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and other radical “squad” members called for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden to approve the Green New Deal if he takes office.

“Climate is now a top-three issue for voters across the country and it is about time that our Congress and our administration starts acting like it…” AOC told the crowd. “So our demand here is to make sure that we keep this promise, that we follow through on a visionary, absolutely unprecedented $2 trillion plan that’s not just about money, but also it’s one of the first presidential plans to honor the treaty rights of native people, one of the first rights to make sure that we have environmental justice front and center…”

Missouri Congresswoman-elect and Black Lives Matter activist Cori Bush added, “So we’re looking right now to President-elect Joe Biden to make some changes and do some things that are different. But it’s not good enough to just do different. We gotta do bold. We gotta do change that happens now. We gotta make sure that black folks, brown folks, every marginalized group, our indigenous folks, feel our change…

“So we’re calling on the Biden administration right now to save lives. Save lives. There’s no other alternative. We need bold leadership and we’re asking you, because we voted for you. Black and brown communities showed up. Ilhan Omar and our sister right here, Rashida Tlaib, showed up, and made sure that people were out, showing up to vote.”

The Green New Deal is a big-government boondoggle and socialist power grab that will devastate us economically and do nothing to change the climate.

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