Obama: Trump’s Spying Allegations ‘Absurd, Dangerous’

Obama: Trump’s Spying Allegations ‘Absurd, Dangerous’

October 15, 2020

In an interview with the Pod Save America podcast Wednesday, former President Barack Obama said President Trump’s allegation that the Obama administration spied on his campaign are “absurd.”

Asked if Obama felt it was “weird for you when [Trump] tweets that you should be indicted,” he replied, “The allegations are so absurd that even Republican-controlled committees looking into it have dismissed them. And, you know. Attorney General Barr has dismissed them…

“One of the central foundation stones of a democracy is the idea that you do not, you do not allow the politicization of the criminal justice system, the intelligence system, the military. Right? That is stuff that you keep out of politics right now. Because it’s too dangerous. You want, you can’t have a democracy in which political opponents are subject to this kind of inflammatory language. Now, he did the same thing with Hillary and the ‘lock her up’ theme. And so I’m not surprised by it, that it continues.”

What’s not surprising is that Obama continues to lie about this and the media continue to ignore it despite the evidence to the contrary.

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