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Obama Talks About Himself 89 Times in 46-Min. Speech

November 6, 2018

During a Sunday appearance in Chicago, former president Barack Obama referred to himself no fewer than 89 times during a roughly 46-minute speech.

He talked about his own election, saying that Republicans left him a mess, “And I had to grab a broom.”

“When I was running for president and after I won the presidency,” he continued, “I’m running for re-election, you know. I ran ads. I wouldn’t run ads saying, you know, I’m opposed to Obamacare. Cause I’d run on a — I worked on it. That was my thing, I owned it,” he said.

Obama racked up the words “I” 73 times, “me” 9 times, and “my” 7 times, for a total of 89 references to himself.

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