Obama Picks His Own Netflix Flick Among Favorites of 2019

Obama Picks His Own Netflix Flick Among Favorites of 2019

December 30, 2019

On Sunday afternoon, former president Barack Obama tweeted out a list of 18 movies he described as his favorites of the year, among which was a Netflix documentary from his own production company.

Obama’s list featured five Netflix titles and three TV series he considers as “powerful” as movies. One of the former is the documentary American Factory, which was financed by his and wife Michelle‘s Higher Ground production company and released by Netflix. The documentary tells the story of a former General Motors plant in Ohio that is re-opened by a Chinese billionaire.

Barack and Michelle partnered with Netflix in 2018 in a lucrative production deal to produce scripted content and documentaries for the streaming entertainment company. That could account for why Barack included so many Netflix flicks among his favorites.

When Obama left office, he didn’t settle into a role as elder statesman. He went to Netflix to make movies, because he knows the culture, not politics, is where political agendas are won. Conservatives, take heed.

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