Obama: ‘Fever’ of Racism a ‘Defining Feature’ of American Experience

Obama: ‘Fever’ of Racism a ‘Defining Feature’ of American Experience

November 17, 2020

In an interview with leftist propaganda outlet National Public Radio (NPR), former President Barack Obama claimed falsely that racism is a “defining feature” of life in the United States.

Discussing his forthcoming memoirs, Obama referred to the “fever of racism” that existed during his presidency and continues to exist today. “That fever, as you said, that’s been a defining feature of a lot of our life,” Obama said, adding that he never believed Americans were living in a “post-racial era.”

“I think that what did happen during my presidency was yes, a backlash among some people who felt that somehow, I symbolized the possibility that they or their group were losing status not because of anything I did, but just by virtue of the fact that I didn’t look like all the other presidents previously,” he said.

Fact check: completely false. Obama was opposed not because of the color of his skin, but because of the content of his political character. He was and is a radical leftist whose aim was and is to “fundamentally transform” the country.

“It would surprise me if you didn’t have a big cross-section of the country that was still carrying around a bunch of baggage and still a little disturbed by the advances that African Americans had made,” the race-mongering Obama continued.

Fact check: a complete lie. American patriots do not resent the advances of black Americans; they resent the advances of Progressive radicals like Barack Obama.

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