Obama Calls Mass ATL Shooting ‘Anti-Asian Violence’

Obama Calls Mass ATL Shooting ‘Anti-Asian Violence’

March 19, 2021

Former President Barack Obama took to Twitter on Wednesday to call for an end to the “alarming rise” in anti-Asian violence after a white man confessed to killing eight people, six of which were Asian, at massage parlors in Atlanta.

“Even as we’ve battled the pandemic, we’ve continued to neglect the longer-lasting epidemic of gun violence in America,” Obama tweeted. “Although the shooter’s motive is not yet clear, the identity of the victims underscores an alarming rise in anti-Asian violence that must end.”

So Obama acknowledges that the shooter’s motive has not been confirmed, but he — like many other Democrats — is already exploiting the shooting to bolster the left’s narrative that Racist White Men With Guns is what America should be targeting.

“Yesterday’s shootings are another tragic reminder that we have far more work to do to put in place commonsense gun safety laws and root out the pervasive patterns of hatred and violence in our society,” Obama continued, although we already have commonsense gun safety laws. The problem with increased gun control, which the Democrats are pushing, is that criminals and criminal gangs by definition don’t obey laws.

Robert Aaron Long, 21, of Woodstock, Georgia, has been charged with murder and assault, but police noted that racial animus did not seem to be a factor in the shooting. Long “apparently has an issue, what he considers a sex addiction, and sees these locations as something that allows him to go to these places, and it’s a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate,” police told reporters.

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