Obama Calls for End of Filibuster to Pass Voting Rights Bill

Obama Calls for End of Filibuster to Pass Voting Rights Bill

January 13, 2022

In an op-ed published in USA Today on Thursday, former President Barack Obama urged Democrat Senators to make changes to the filibuster rule so that the upper chamber can pass stalled voting rights legislation.

The legislation, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act, passed the House last summer but has failed to pass in the Senate, where Democrats have a slim one-vote majority.

“In recent years, the filibuster became a routine way for the Senate minority to to block important progress on issues supported by the majority of voters,” the radical ex-President wrote. “But we can’t allow it to be used to block efforts to protect our democracy.”

Obama complained in his op-ed that lawmakers in 49 states have introduced more than 400 bills “designed to suppress votes.”

“These partisan attempts at voter nullification are unlike anything we’ve seen in modern times, and they represent a profound threat to the basic democratic principle that all votes should be counted fairly and objectively,” he wrote. “The good news is that the majority of American voters are resistant to this slow unraveling of basic democratic institutions and electoral mechanisms. But their elected representatives have a sacred obligation to push back as well – and now is the time to do it.”

As we’ve noted innumerable times here at Discover the Networks, the voter integrity legislation not only does not suppress votes, it expands voting rights. The only thing these laws are designed to suppress is voter fraud, and that’s why Democrats like Obama have been working so hard to demonize the legislation and their lawmakers as racist — because the Democrat Party knows it cannot win presidential elections anymore without widespread voter fraud.

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