Obama: America ‘Founded on Protesting Against Injustice’

Obama: America ‘Founded on Protesting Against Injustice’

October 29, 2020

At a drive-in rally in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, former President Barack Obama pitched for empty-suit candidate Joe Biden and defended the nationwide Black Lives Matter (BLM) looting and violence, euphemized by the left as “protests.”

“But Joe and Kamala, they care deeply about people, America, and they care about our democracy,” Obama stated. “They understand that protest is not un-American. This country was founded on protesting against injustice,” he declared, praising Americans of “all races” for “joining together to declare —  in the face of injustice and brutality at the hands of the state — that Black Lives Matter no more but no less.”

Obama told the pathetically small crowd that they cannot abandon “all those young people who are out on the streets.” Instead, Democrats must “channel their activism into action. We can’t just dream for a better future. We gotta fight for a better future,” Obama said, inciting more BLM violence.

Obama is ranting against a straw man. No one in this country believes black lives matter less than others — except perhaps Progressive entities like Planned Parenthood and the Democrat Party. And no one believes peaceful protests are un-American; what’s un-American is the looting, violence, and overt anti-Americanism of the violent, Marxist revolutionary movement known as Black Lives Matter.

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