NYT Whitewashes Jankowicz Lies, Defends ‘Disinfo’ Board

NYT Whitewashes Jankowicz Lies, Defends ‘Disinfo’ Board

July 7, 2022

Fox News reports that The New York Times published a report that was rather charitable to the now-defunct “Disinformation Governance Board” and its appointed director, the bizarre and totalitarian leftist Nina Jankowicz.

In April, the Biden administration tried rolling out an Orwellian new Department of Homeland Security division called the “Disinformation Governance Board,” with Jankowicz at its head. It was halted in May after drawing intense backlash. Jankowicz, notorious for her widely-panned “Mary Poppins” parody and her own history of peddling misinformation, resigned and left DHS.

However, The Times alleged Jankowicz was “targeted online by false or misleading information about her role” and refrained to delve into what her critics had actually said, including the misinformation she pushed.

“The board quickly became a new foil in an old Republican campaign narrative that overbearing Democrats want to intrude deeper and deeper into people’s personal beliefs — ‘canceling’ conservative values. Ms. Jankowicz’s prominence in the discussion of Russia’s actions made her a particular target for the Republicans,” The Times wrote.

“It’s borderline comical that The New York Times wants us to not only feel bad for Nina Jankowicz, but take her seriously as an authoritative voice on what’s factual,” NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck told Fox News. “The piece refers to ‘false or misleading’ attacks on Jankowicz, but it never cared to explain why they were false or even what the criticisms were.

“The name of the board itself was Orwellian and the fact that The Times wouldn’t critically acknowledge that shows the thickness of their egos.”

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