NYT Hid Key Facts in Kavanaugh Yearbook Hit

NYT Hid Key Facts in Kavanaugh Yearbook Hit

September 25, 2018

A New York Times article scrutinizing inside jokes in the 1983 yearbook of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Georgetown prep school hid multiple problems with its claims, including that it was sourced to a rabidly anti-Trump politician in Maryland and his associate.

The Times allowed anonymous sources to suggest that Kavanaugh and his friends bragged about sexual conquests, but squelched denials and would not allow anonymous sources to dispute that claim or defend the group of classmates.

The Times sourced the claim to Richard S. Madaleno Jr., a Kavanaugh classmate and an anti-Trump Maryland state senator who recently lost a bid for the Democratic nomination for governor, and to classmate William Fishburne, a campaign surrogate for Madaleno.


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