NYT: GOP is ‘America’s Problem’ and a ‘Threat to Our Democracy’

NYT: GOP is ‘America’s Problem’ and a ‘Threat to Our Democracy’

August 19, 2022

In an op-ed on Wednesday for the propagandist outlet The New York Times, columnist Charles Blow, who can always be counted on for rabble-rousing race-mongering, suggested that the Republican Party is the real “problem” in America and a “threat to our democracy.”

Blow lamented that Trump-deranged Rep. Liz Cheney’s resounding defeat in the Wyoming Republican primary proves the modern GOP is “sufficiently obedient to Donald Trump and his quest to deny and destroy democracy.”

“We must stop thinking it hyperbolic to say that the Republican Party itself is now a threat to our democracy. I understand the queasiness about labeling many of our fellow Americans in that way. I understand that it sounds extreme and overreaching. But how else are we to describe what we are seeing?” Blow wrote.

Not only is it hyperbolic, it’s pure Democrat projection, since the real threat to America and democracy is Blow’s own far-Left party.

“Propaganda and disinformation are real and insidious, but I believe that to a large degree, Republicans’ radicalization is willful. Republicans have searched for multiple election cycles for the right vehicle and packaging for their white nationalism, religious nationalism, nativism, craven capitalism and sexism,” Blow claimed.

Blow is right on one point: propaganda and disinformation — like that of the NY Timesare very real and insidious.

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