NYT Falsely Claims GOP Opposed Omarova ‘Because She Was Born in the Soviet Union’

December 9, 2021

The left-wing propaganda outlet known as The New York Times is now floating a new lie about Republicans, stating falsely that they opposed leftist radical Saule Omarova’s failed nomination as Comptroller of the economy “because she was born in the Soviet Union.”

“Saule Omarova, a Cornell Law professor whom President Biden picked for a key banking regulator job, is withdrawing from consideration for the post,” reads a Times tweet. “Bank lobbyists and Republicans painted her as a communist because she was born in the Soviet Union.”

No, she painted herself as a communist because she is one, despite her denials. It has nothing to do with where she was born.

Republican senators simply quoted ideas from her own recent writings during her confirmation hearing, ideas such: as eliminating all private banking and turning the functions of banking largely over to the government; bankrupting the fossil fuel industry in order to address so-called “climate change”; and crashing our “dysfunctional financial system” and putting “an end to banking” as we know it.

These revelations repulsed not just Republicans, but also five Democrat senators who concluded that Omarova is too far left even for them.