NYT Attempts ‘Unhinged’ Hit on Tucker for So. Africa Story

NYT Attempts ‘Unhinged’ Hit on Tucker for So. Africa Story

May 11, 2022

In its recent series of articles attacking Fox News Channel’s popular host Tucker Carlson, the New York Times tried to smear Carlson for a segment of his show in 2018 reporting on the murders of white farmers in South Africa, according to Breitbart News.

Carlson’s report provoked then-President Trump to tweet in response, causing establishment media outlets to accuse Carlson of fanning the flames of racial outrage. But Julius Malema, the head of South Africa’s radical Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), responded that Trump was right about his intention, and that of others in South Africa, to expropriate land without compensation from white farmers.

The Times seized upon the South African story to claim that Carlson was amplifying “far-right” and even “neo-Nazi” themes from the internet. The Times even denied that farm murders and proposed land seizures were really a problem.

James Myburgh, the editor of the South African news website PoliticsWeb, wrote a rebuttal of the Times article written by Nick Confessore, stating that it is “unhinged from reality.”

Myburgh concludes:

Whatever his motives, at this critical moment Carlson was one of the very few leading US journalists using his platform to at least try and throw a wrench into the dispossession process. US elites in the media and state department were, by contrast, neither reporting on it critically, nor seeking to obstruct it. After Trump’s tweet forced the issue into the American public debate however those same elites responded by unleashing a quite extraordinary barrage of highly coordinated racial propaganda.

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