NYC Mayor Rallies Behind ‘Ghost Gun’ Ban After Subway Attack

NYC Mayor Rallies Behind ‘Ghost Gun’ Ban After Subway Attack

April 14, 2022

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) told CNN on Tuesday that a ban on so-called “ghost guns” should be part of the Democrat response to the NYC subway shooting in which ten people were wounded by black nationalist Frank James — who did not use a ghost gun in the attack.

“The problem we’re facing is the problem that’s hitting our entire nation right now, and that is why this is a national response. We need a national response to this crime,” he said. Adams pointed out that police officers have removed “1,800 guns” from NYC streets during the past three months, then added, “We’re going to continue to do our jobs but there is some assistance that’s going to be needed in our city.”

He then pointed to what he believes to be the need to “empower ATF” to “[make] ‘ghost guns’ illegal.”

Once again, a politician makes a show of demanding new gun control measures in the wake of a shooting, measures that would not have prevented the shooting in the first place, but which enable the politician to appear as if he is taking action. We don’t need stricter gun control — we need (among other solutions) for the police and our judicial system to enforce laws already on the books.

What needs a “national response,” as Adams put it, is the black supremacist violence that goes unchecked in this country because it doesn’t fit the fear-mongering narrative Democrats have fashioned about guns and a rampant threat of white supremacy.

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