NYC Mayor Adams: No Plans to Rehire Unvaxxed City Workers

NYC Mayor Adams: No Plans to Rehire Unvaxxed City Workers

March 27, 2022

New York City Mayor Eric Adams told reporters on Thursday that he has no plans to rehire the roughly 1,400 city workers who lost their jobs for refusing to comply with the city’s coronavirus vaccine mandate, even though he is exempting athletes and performers.

“Today we take another step in our city’s economic recovery — leveling the playing field for New Yorkers and supporting local businesses and performance venues across the city,” he said.

“By expanding an existing exemption, we are simply making sure the rules apply equally to everyone who is a performer, regardless of where they are from. The old exemption put our sports teams at a self-imposed competitive disadvantage and was unfair to New York performers,” he claimed.

Apparently Adams thinks nothing of being unfair to New York non-performers.

Asked about the prospect of rehiring the 1400 canned workers who had the misfortune of not being celebrities or athletes, however, Adams declared, “Not at this time.”

He added that he is not even “reviewing if we are going to bring [them] back.” Then he proceeded to praise “those countless number of New Yorkers, municipal employees” who complied with the pointless, destructive mandate for doing “the right thing.”

Now the everyday workers in New York who refused to accept being injected with an experimental drug know just where they stand with today’s totalitarian Democrat Party.

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