NYC Makes City Employees Take Critical Race Theory Training

NYC Makes City Employees Take Critical Race Theory Training

January 31, 2023

New York City is making government employees take “radical Critical Race Theory-inspired training,” Fox News Digital reported Monday.

Fox News Digital obtained a copy of the “mandatory” training, which was allegedly sent to all city employees with a March 6 deadline. A city email said the training would show employees “the importance of racial equity…in the workplace.”

“Where they were discussing equity, how we have to look at people through a particular lens, that contradicted… [the idea that] we should treat everybody equally,” a source familiar with the “racial equity” training told the outlet.

“I do not agree with what they want us to do as city employees. The [racial equity training] leads me to believe that they want the contracts with the city and the hiring from the city being looked at through this lens,” the source continued. “And that’s what I think is really unfair. It goes against their [stated claims] … that everybody should be treated equally.”

“Race has no genetic or scientific basis. It is a social construct created to classify people on the arbitrary basis of skin color and other physical features,” the training allegedly says. “Despite this, race has a very real impact on people’s lives. This is because our society has used race to establish and justify systems of power, privilege, exclusion and oppression.”

The training also reportedly delves into other kinds of racism besides “individual racism,” including “institutional racism” and “systemic racism,” and calls on city workplaces to maintain an “equity lens” by having “antiracism training” and creating “safe spaces” where race and “unconscious bias” can be discussed.

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