NY Times Slammed For ‘Sick’ Essay ‘Normalizing’ Cannibalism

NY Times Slammed For ‘Sick’ Essay ‘Normalizing’ Cannibalism

July 25, 2022

The New York Times was slammed on social media for “normalizing” human cannibalism in an essay on Saturday titled “A Taste for Cannibalism?” which argued that it “has a time and a place,” and “that time is now.”

Writer Alex Beggs wrote that “a spate of recent stomach-churning books, TV shows and films suggests we’ve never looked so delicious — to one another.” She cited several examples, including the Showtime series Yellowjackets, about a girls’ soccer team that crash lands in the Canadian wilderness and resorts to Lord of the Flies-style feral clans and cannibalism.

“The show’s tension is in the knowledge that you know cannibalism is coming, but when? And why?” Beggs wrote.

“@NYTIMES, taking a break from promoting the mass killing of the unborn through abortion, promotes cannibalism,” tweeted Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton in response.

“Stop. Normalizing. Cannibalism,” wrote political commentator Ian Miles Cheong.

“Post-Christian culture seems a lot like pre-Christian culture,” tweeted columnist Jon Gabriel.

“Communism, pedophilia, and cannibalism… What’s going on with the writers at the New York Times?” another Twitter user asked, adding, “Sick stuff coming out of there.”

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