NY Times Admits Editor’s Comments Were Anti-Semitic

NY Times Admits Editor’s Comments Were Anti-Semitic

August 26, 2019

Several days after Breitbart News first exposed politics editor Tom Wright-Piersanti’s racist and anti-Semitic comments on Twitter, the New York Times has admitted the comments were in fact racist and anti-Semitic.

“I was going to say ‘Crappy Jew Year,’ but one of my resolutions is to be less anti-Semitic,” read one of Wright-Piersanti’s offensive tweets – this one from Jan. 1, 2010. “So…. HAPPY Jew Year. You Jews.”

The New York Times initially described Wright-Piersanti’s comments as a “violation” of its standards, but in a piece released Sunday, the newspaper admitted they were racist and anti-Semitic.

Wright-Piersanti conceded his youthful attempts at “edgy humor” were “not funny.” He apologized and expressed deep regret, but this is yet another example of a deep-seated culture of anti-Semitism at the New York Times.


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