NY Mayor Adams Complains Illegal Aliens Will ‘Decimate’ City

NY Mayor Adams Complains Illegal Aliens Will ‘Decimate’ City

August 11, 2023

John Nolte at Breitbart News reports that New York Mayor Eric Adams claims that illegal aliens could “decimate” his city, but refuses to blame himself or President Biden.

“Never forget that it is Eric Adams who 1) refuses to revoke New York’s status as a sanctuary city and 2) refuses to deport the 90,000 or so illegal aliens currently decimating his city. All he has to do is comply with federal law and turn them over to INS. It really is that easy,” Nolte writes:

Instead, he’s on CBS News crybabying about his city being decimated as though there’s nothing he can do about it. Good grief, he’s such a lying loser; he won’t even blame Biden, the guy who opened the border up entirely.

No, instead, he blames the border states that are shipping these illegals to a city that he himself has proudly proclaimed a sanctuary for illegals. Well, where else should they go?

“His whining is especially precious,” Nolte continues, “when you realize that New York City has not received even one percent of the illegal aliens Biden has allowed into our country. All Adams has to do is deport these illegals. Problem solved. Instead, he’s paying to house and feed them or allowing them to sleep on the streets.”

Adams is crybabying for federal money when 99 percent of these illegals are someone else’s problem. Why should he get any money when New York is not even taking on their fair share of illegals?

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