NY DA Bragg Charges VICTIM of Bodega Attack by Violent Ex-Con

NY DA Bragg Charges VICTIM of Bodega Attack by Violent Ex-Con

July 11, 2022

In an op-ed Friday at Fox News Channel, retired FBI agent James Gagliano blasted Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s “shameless body of work,” highlighting his charging of a 61-year-old bodega clerk, Jose Alba, with Murder in the Second Degree in the self-defense stabbing death of a violent ex-con who threatened and assaulted him in the shop.

The entire incident in Upper Manhattan last week was caught on the store’s surveillance video. “Alba was charged with murder and subjected to a ridiculously high quarter-million-dollar bail package (half of what the DA’s Office requested, but later reduced to $50,000.00 in the self-defense case) and transported to Rikers Island to be housed with real criminals,” Gagliano wrote. “Welcome to the dystopian hellscape that Alvin Bragg’s prosecutorial discretion has wrought on New York. Is it any wonder city dwellers consider fleeing in droves?”

Gagliano went on to note that the thug Alba stabbed was a career criminal, while Alba has no criminal record. “What kind of message does Alba’s arrest for defending himself send?”

“Bragg’s refusal to serve as the people’s prosecutor, while coddling criminals and charging those who act in clear defense of self, make him unfit for duty,” Gagliano correctly noted.

“Decades of Democratic stranglehold on the Office have seen moderate D’s accede ground to progressives like Bragg. The leftward lurch isn’t working — it is harming a once great city,” Gagliano concluded.

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