NPR: Trans Community Fears Escalation of Hate After Nashville

NPR: Trans Community Fears Escalation of Hate After Nashville

April 3, 2023

Friday on National Public Radio’s (NPR) All Things Considered, host and NPR National Correspondent Adrian Florido and Special Correspondent Melissa Block said that the transgender community “fears a further escalation of hate” and their fear “has been amplified” due to “a surge of anti-trans rhetoric” after it was revealed that the Nashville school shooter was transgender.

Florido said, “Today, March 31, is the annual Transgender Day of Visibility. But this week has seen a surge of anti-trans rhetoric after police said the shooter who attacked a Christian school in Nashville identified as transgender. The shooter’s gender identity remains unclear. As NPR’s Melissa Block reports, the LGBTQ community fears a further escalation of hate.”

Block then reported on how “fear” among the transgender community “has been amplified this week by rhetoric in right-wing media that brands the entire trans community with the actions of one killer.”

What galling hypocrisy. First, there is ample evidence across social media that many in the trans community and their allies in the leftwing shock troops of Antifa are literally gearing up for violence against Christians and conservatives. Witness, for example, the planned “Trans Day of Vengeance” that was only recently cancelled because Antifa claimed they were receiving threats of violence.

Second, the Left does not hesitate to smear entire communities of Christians and conservatives for the actions of a single criminal. Indeed, Christians are not only being blamed for causing the Nashville shooting, they actually are the community facing an escalation of hate. But leftwing propaganda outlets like NPR are circling the wagons around the trans community as if they were the victims in the Nashville shooting.

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