NPR Poll: Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets to New Low

NPR Poll: Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets to New Low

November 25, 2021

According to a new NPR/Marist poll, decrepit puppet President Joe Biden’s approval rating plummeted to 42 percent, while his disapproval rating has jumped to 52 percent.

The worst president in American history (something he has accomplished in less than his first year in office) has lost four total points in the last month alone, taking him from six points underwater to ten points.

Leftist propaganda outlet NPR was forced to concede that “Americans’ most pressing economic concern is inflation, and it’s contributing to a decline in how they view President Biden.” No kidding.

“Biden’s approval is down to 42%, the lowest recorded in the survey since Biden took office. And a slim majority also say he hasn’t fulfilled his campaign promises,” NPR continued. On the economy, Biden is underwater by ten points, with only 42 percent approving of the job he’s supposedly doing, while a 52 percent majority disapprove.

As Breitbart’s John Nolte notes, “The cost of the very basics of life — food and energy — are not inching up; they are exploding in a way that not only affects the bottom line of the working and middle class, it gives us all a sense that something is wrong, terribly wrong. The economy is not supposed to work this way.”

Indeed it’s not, but that’s not what the Biden administration wants anyway. The Democrat Party is openly communist now, and it is fulfilling Barack Obama‘s threat to “fundamentally transform” America accordingly.

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