Nolte: Rayshard Brooks Decision Proves Abrams is Unfit to Govern

Nolte: Rayshard Brooks Decision Proves Abrams is Unfit to Govern

August 25, 2022

John Nolte at Breitbart News reports that the decision released Tuesday clearing two police officers in the 2020 shooting death of Rayshard Brooks once again proves that “election-denier” Stacey Abrams is unfit to govern.

“Without knowing all the facts,” Nolte wrote, “in June of 2020, Abrams got on TV and declared the police shooting of Brooks a straight-up murder. Those were her words: ‘It was a murder.’”

Police were called to a Wendy’s parking lot one night in June, 2020 because Brooks was asleep in his car. After interviewing him for about 30 minutes, the officers concluded he was under the influence and attempted to arrest him. Brooks resisted, grabbing one of the officer’s tasers, and fired it at them. One of the officer’s fired back, justifiably so.

This is how Abrams tried to spin that:

Any time we’re attempting to justify the murder of a man because he had — number one because he embarrassed the police by taking their taser, and two, because he was running on foot, that we decide that it is worth killing him — every moment of justification is a moment of dehumanization. That’s the problem. And let’s not get distracted. The distraction that happens is that we try to find reasons that murder is acceptable when a black man or a black woman is the victim, and that should not happen.

“She’s arguing they shot Brooks out of embarrassment,” Nolte concluded. “Remember that Abrams said this on Monday, and that by Monday, the terrorists in Black Lives Matter had already shown up and burned down that Wendy’s. So here’s Abrams, fanning the riot flames in her own state and in the predominantly black city of Atlanta. Man alive, there is nothing leftists like Stacey Abrams love more than to see black neighborhoods go up in flames.”

Nolte continued, “And now — after two years of living through hell and seeing their parents fired and blacklisted — these two officers are 100 percent cleared, placed back on active duty, and still, Stacey Abrams won’t apologize.”

“Stacey Abrams wants riots and crime. Why? Because she’s a sociopathic socialist who wants to drive the middle class out of their cities and states so Democrats have full reign over the poor, dependent, and despairing. She is a dangerous and horrible woman.”

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