Gascón Leniency For Chappelle Attacker Puts Performers at Risk

Gascón Leniency For Chappelle Attacker Puts Performers at Risk

May 13, 2022

John Nolte at Breitbart News reports that Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón’s decision to show leniency to Dave Chappelle’s alleged attacker puts all performers at risk.

After a man named Isaiah Lee allegedly assaulted comedian Chapelle onstage at the Hollywood Bowl last week with a deadly weapon, the police charged Lee with a felony — but Gascón charged him with four misdemeanors. If convicted, the maximum Lee faces is 18 months in jail and a $4,000 fine.

“Gascón reasons that Chappelle wasn’t permanently injured. Oh, okay, then I guess attempted murder is no big deal in Los Angeles, either,” Nolte wrote. “After all, no one got killed.”

Nolte adds that “Gascón reasons he could find no prior animosity towards Chappelle. Sneaking into the event with a deadly weapon and then trying to tackle Chappelle on stage isn’t animosity enough?”

Nolte concluded, “Chappelle is not happy about this woke leniency, and neither should any Los Angeles performer be. What District Attorney George Gascón has done is declare open season on any and all live performers. Knowing you will walk away with a misdemeanor, I ask you, what’s the downside in attacking a comedian or any other live performer?”

This is the sort of pro-criminal approach that has earned Gascón a recall effort among L.A.’s frustrated citizens, an effort that is gaining momentum.

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