Noem: Gates Buying Up U.S. Land is as Concerning as China

Noem: Gates Buying Up U.S. Land is as Concerning as China

August 2, 2022

Speaking to reporters at the Young America’s Foundation’s 44th annual National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, DC, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) said the amassing of land by billionaire leftist Bill Gates poses the “same concerns” as Chinese Communist Party-linked acquisition of U.S. land and food production assets.

Gates — who supports alternative foods and synthetic meat — has been purchasing thousands of acres of U.S. farmland and is currently America’s largest private owner of farmland. Asked if she thinks these acquisitions pose a similar threat as the Chinese, Noem said, “I think the same concerns and questions should be addressed in all those situations.”

“I’ve talked for over 15 years that I’ve worked on agriculture policy about the fact that I believe it’s a national security issue,” she continued. “The reason that we’ve always had farm programs or different situations with policy in agriculture is because America embraced — for years — a food supply chain that we believed should be diversified to keep it competitive and to make sure that it was going to be affordable for everybody in this country to go to a grocery store and be able to buy their food, and that one person didn’t control it.”

“So when you see the kind of concentration that we see, for instance, in our meatpacking supply chain, or now in our fertilizer companies and supplies, where they come from other countries, and then we see large pieces of land getting bought up by one entity or another, and we start losing that diversity — that competition — that is very concerning,” she said.

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