Nike Releases New Shoe Lionizing Colin Kaepernick

Nike Releases New Shoe Lionizing Colin Kaepernick

December 24, 2019

Sports apparel giant Nike released its new Colin Kaepernick shoe on Monday, honoring the first time he began protesting during the national anthem.

The “Air Force 1 ’07 x” is a low sneaker featuring a black body with white highlights and including the Nike “swoosh” logo on the sides, as Breitbart News notes. The uppers feature a stylized image of Kaepernick on the heel plate. On the bottom of the right foot is imprinted the numbers 081416, representing the August 14, 2016 date Kaepernick first began protesting police brutality during the national anthem.

“As a football star with the ability to articulate a powerful message, Kaepernick is one of this generation’s most prominent crossover cultural influencers,” Nike stated.

Kaepernick has never been a football “star.” He hasn’t even played a game in three years and is currently unemployable because he has prioritized his league-damaging political activism over the sport. As for his “powerful message,” it is that America is a racist oppressor nation. Presumably Nike supports that.

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