Newsom to Xi: CA Will Be ‘Long-Term, Stable, and Strong Partner’

Newsom to Xi: CA Will Be ‘Long-Term, Stable, and Strong Partner’

October 27, 2023

Chinese state media outlet Global Times gushed Wednesday over visiting California Gov. Gavin Newsom, calling his warm meeting with dictator Xi Jinping as a triumph of “mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation.”

Newsom said that under his leadership, California is ready to become “China’s long-term, stable, and strong partner.” He added that no other bilateral relationship is more important than the one between the US and China.

As the first U.S. governor to visit China in more than four years, Newsom expressed his high appreciation for relations with China and recalled the first sister cities established between China and the U.S. in 1980: Shanghai and San Francisco.

A good deal of Newsom’s enthusiasm for doing business with China revolved around climate change, electric vehicles (EV), and green energy technology.

After taking a ride in a Chinese-built EV, Newsom proclaimed it was “another leap in technology, the next-level leap,” and flashed thumbs-up at reporters. When a reporter asked if he wanted one of the cars, Newsom replied, “No, I want two.”

China Foreign Affairs University Professor Li Haidong repeated the hope, expressed in much of Chinese state media throughout Newsom’s visit, that the far-left California governor will drag the Biden administration in a more pro-China direction.

A more pro-China direction? Everything Biden does already benefits China more than America, because he is in the CCP’s pocket.

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