Newsom Dismisses Parents’ Right to Know About Kids’ Transitions

Newsom Dismisses Parents’ Right to Know About Kids’ Transitions

September 28, 2023

In the spin room after the second Republican presidential primary debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Wednesday, slimy California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) dismissed parents’ concerns about his state’s policies that prevent schools from notifying parents when their children indicate a desire to change their gender.

The issue has triggered a major debate in California, with Newsom’s administration suing a local school district in Chino Valley, in Riverside County, which adopted a parental notification policy in a recent 4-1 school board vote.

On Wednesday, Newsom disparaged the candidates on stage before facing a question from Breitbart News

Breitbart News: Why should parents not know if their kids are transitioning at school?

Newsom: It’s a hell of a thing — you’re talking about one percent of the population. Climate change, that’s going to impact 100% of the population, wasn’t even brought up, and we’re talking about trans issues?

Breitbart News: Here in California, this is an issue.

Other Reporter: It’s a big issue for parents.

Newsom: This is a front-and-center issue to America?

Breitbart News: Why should parents not know?

Newsom: It’s the great — it’s the great distraction. This is one of the greatest distractions and it’s classic. One percent of the population of the United States. These kids just want to live.

Breitbart News: Why can’t parents know?

Newsom: The kids just want to live. And we’re having a debate about trans issues? At the Reagan library? You ought to be ashamed.

Newsom ought to be ashamed for dodging a question about an issue that he knows is tearing this country apart. But Democrats don’t know shame.

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