New York Times Politicizes Call for U.S. Bishops to Defend Church Teaching

New York Times Politicizes Call for U.S. Bishops to Defend Church Teaching

June 23, 2021

In an article on Sunday, The New York Times politicized the call from American Catholics who urged their bishops to defend the teaching that Jesus is actually present in the Eucharist, and that Catholic public officials who support “grave moral evils,” such as abortion and euthanasia, not receive communion.

The Times claimed that “It is now a conservative movement that decides how the Catholic Church asserts its power in America,” citing an overwhelming vote by the bishops last Friday to approve the drafting of a document concerning receiving Holy Communion.

The Times described the bishops’ vote as a “conservative push to deny [Joe] Biden communion over his support for abortion rights.”

Referring to faithful Catholics as a “contingent,” the authors said the faithful “had been gaining strength throughout the Trump era, clashing with the Vatican, wresting influence away from Pope Francis’ top representatives in the United States and further polarizing the Catholic faithful in the process.”

The Times also stated the bishops’ vote to defend its teachings will have the consequence of producing “an internal war over one of the church’s most sacred rituals.”

The Times is a leftist propaganda outlet, and the left only cares about religion at all insofar as church traditions and teachings can be undermined by Progressivism. So naturally the Times wants to demonize conservatives as the bad guys in this controversy. In fact, the bad guys are Democrat secularists and faux Catholic hypocrites like Biden.

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