New York Times Falsely Claims Hunter Biden Laptop ‘Stolen’

New York Times Falsely Claims Hunter Biden Laptop ‘Stolen’

December 6, 2022

The New York Times falsely claimed Sunday that Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” was “stolen,” when in fact it was abandoned at the computer repair shop to which he had taken it and which had tried to contact him.

As Breitbart News and others have reported for years, citing repair store owner John Paul Mac Isaac, “Hunter Biden dropped the computer off at his shop on April 12, 2019, to conduct a ‘data recovery.’ He says he called Biden the next day to inform him the recovery was completed, but Hunter never picked it up.”

The laptop was never “stolen.” It was abandoned, and the store took legal possession of it, in accordance with documents that Hunter Biden signed himself when dropping off the laptop for repairs. He never reported it stolen or missing.

However, the Times‘ Michael M. Grynbaum, reporting on last Friday’s report by Matt Taibbi about the internal deliberations at Twitter (now owned by Elon Musk) that led to news about the laptop being censored in October 2020, wrote:

Mr. Musk and Mr. Taibbi framed the exchanges as evidence of rank censorship and pernicious influence by liberals. Many others — even some ardent Twitter critics — were less impressed, saying the exchanges merely showed a group of executives earnestly debating how to deal with an unconfirmed news report that was based on information from a stolen laptop.

Readers picked up on the false claim:

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