New Twitter Feature Lets Users Report COVID ‘Misinformation’

New Twitter Feature Lets Users Report COVID ‘Misinformation’

August 18, 2021

According to a report in the Verge, leftist social media giant Twitter is rolling out a new feature that will allow the censorious Karens online to report tweets for alleged “misinformation” regarding COVID-19.

Twitter currently restricts its user-led reporting system to spam, abusive and “harmful” content, “misleading” content, and tweets that express suicidal intent. But as the Verge notes:

Starting today, users will be able to report misinformation through the same process as harassment or other harmful content, through the dropdown menu at the top right of every tweet. Users will be prompted to select whether the misleading comment is political, health-related, or falls into another category. The politics category includes more specific forms of misinformation like content related to elections. The health category will also include an option for users to flag COVID-19-specific misinformation.

Twitter said that not every report will be reviewed as the platform continues to test the feature. But the data obtained through the test will help the company determine how it could expand on the feature over the next few weeks. The test could be used to identify tweets containing misinformation that have the potential to go viral as well.

Giving users more power to coordinate and silence dissenting views online — what could go wrong? In addition to the fact that some of the reporting data will automatically feed Twitter’s algorithms, lowering users’ hidden scores and potentially banning them from the platform without any human oversight, this will unquestionably be used to further drive conservative political opinion out of social media.

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