New Israel President Calls BDS ‘New Kind of Terrorism’

New Israel President Calls BDS ‘New Kind of Terrorism’

July 24, 2021

Israeli President Isaac Herzog issued a harsh condemnation against boycotts of Israel after woke ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s announced plans to end sales in what it termed the “Occupied Palestinian Territory,” calling them “a new kind of terrorism.”

“The boycott against Israel is a new type of terrorism — economic terrorism. Terrorism that seeks to harm Israeli citizens and the Israeli economy. We must oppose this boycott and terrorism of any kind,” Herzog declared. “The BDS campaign does not pursue peace and seeks to undermine the very existence of the State of Israel. It is aiming its arrows at the Israeli economy.”

Herzog declared that Israel would not stop fighting boycotts as well as other means of economic warfare against it.

His remarks echoed those of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett a day earlier.  Bennett told Alan Jope, the CEO of Unilever – Ben & Jerry’s parent company – that the boycott is an “anti-Israel” move that would be fought “vigorously.”

Jope on Thursday tepidly tried to distance itself from Ben & Jerry’s decision, but did not condemn it or pressure Ben & Jerry’s to walk back the decision. “Obviously it’s a complex and sensitive matter that elicits very strong feelings,” he said. “If there is one message I want to underscore in this call, it’s that Unilever remains fully committed to our business in Israel.”

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