Netflix Creating ‘Anti-Racist’ Kids Series Based on Kendi Book

Netflix Creating ‘Anti-Racist’ Kids Series Based on Kendi Book

January 22, 2021

Critical Race Theory is the most divisive, corrosive concept yet devised by the radical left to subvert American exceptionalism and destroy this country, and now Netflix will facilitate that on a massive scale by teaming up with “anti-racism” proponent Ibram X. Kendi for a slate of programming to include an animated series based on Antiracist Baby, his book for toddlers.

Antiracist Baby will consist of a series of animated short music videos that will use “earwormy songs” to teach toddlers and their caregivers about “anti-racism.” Netflix will also adapt two other books by the left’s celebrity academic Kendi: Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas, which will be turned into a “hybrid documentary/scripted feature”; and Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You, which will become a documentary for young viewers.

Kendi, you will recall, is the anti-white racist who attacked Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett for adopting two black children, comparing her to an imperialist “colonizer” who acquired black children for show. He has also insanely declared that the term  “legal vote” is “functionally racist.”

In a statement, Kendi said he was “elated” for Netflix viewers, who will be “captivated, informed, and transformed by these projects.” They may be captivated, but they will be not only misinformed but indoctrinated into the worldview of the race-obsessed left, where everything is seen through the ugly, distorting lens of race. The result is a world torn apart by racial resentment, hatred, and self-loathing, a world in which character is eclipsed by skin color.

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